Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tayyeb Afridi Talks about His Kight Project

Here is Tayyeb Afridi  Knight Talk at Stanford 

During his fellowship at Stanford, Tayyeb Afridi explored, discovered and embraced new approaches to creating and operating independent news organisation and launched the Tribal News Network to serve the Tribal Areas of rural northwest Pakistan. “I realised that journalism is not only a public service, but also a business and should be treated like a business,” Afridi explained. “This entrepreneurial aspect of journalism was a transformative experience for me.” Through his experiences and coursework at Stanford, Afridi also came to see that developing an information economy is vital to creating an informed society in his home region, because it would bring both jobs and information that people need. He’s looking for opportunities to work with like-minded people on this and is interested in helping business people make connections and launch new media and information projects to serve the region.